Saturday, March 14, 2009

The First Ink Blot

Greetings, and welcome to Tales of the Ink Knight. In these pages I'll be covering classic fantasy RPGing, boardgames, campaign and game design, with the occasional foray into random realms ranging from prop collecting to military hardware.

Intros can be tedious, so it's best that I get mine out of the way while no one is reading. Like most children of the 70s, I got into gaming with Sorry, Monopoly, and the usual fare. Since my father was and is a dedicated boardgamer, I also got a taste of Acquire and Risk.

I got into RPGs in '79 with the Holmes D&D boxed set, and after playing a variety of RPGs and boardgames through college, began writing for GDW's Challenge magazine and WEG's Star Wars Adventure Journal. This last association lead to a three-year gig as an editor and game designer on WEG's Star Wars line—one that gave me a chance to work with some remarkably creative people and play in George's sandbox.

I moved to Wizard Entertainment to edit InQuest Gamer magazine with another gang of talented folks (who collectively owned the largest number of action figures anyone not in a Chinese plastics factory is likely to see in one place). That Doomtown card above features fellow editor Jeff Hannes to the left and yours truly on the right. We don't know which of us is Whiskey Nick, but the sentiment is certainly apropos given the current economical climate!

I headed back to Florida in the early aughts to embrace a second career in the defense industry.

I'll talk a bit about my current game interests and design goals in my next post. In the meantime, if you'd like to get a taste for my work, check out the Lerenil supplement I created (with able support from Sophia Tribad, Jeremy Baker, Juha Makkonen, and Ilkka Leskelä) for the Hârn setting. It's got no stats, so it's ready for whatever system you'd like to use. Here's a sample map from the seaman's hostel:

Thanks again for dropping by, and hope to see you again soon.

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