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Hammer of the Prophets (A Bajoran Cruiser)

It's not all fantasy around here. In honor of the Star Trek relaunch, here's a ship I created for Last Unicorn's Star Trek Bajoran sourcebook. It never got published because LUG lost the license between the time I turned in the work and the print date. I may put all of the material I wrote for this sourcebook and the unpublished Klingon Sourcebook out on the web eventually, just as S. John Ross has.

Hammer of the Prophets
Class and Type: Refurbished Cardassian Kavlar-class Cruiser
Commissioning Date: Unknown
Hull Characteristics
Size: 7 (650 meters long, 30 decks)
Resistance: 3
Structural Points: 140
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers: 490/1,960
[7 power/round]
Computers: 3
[3 power/round]
Transporters: 3 personnel, 4 cargo, 4 emergency
[5 power/round]
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 fd, 1 fv
[2/rating used]
Propulsion and Power Characteristics
Warp System: 4.0/7.0/7.8 (6 hours)
[2/warp factor]
Impulse System: .5 c/.75 c
[5/7 power/round]
Power: 155
Sensor Systems
Long-Range Sensors: +1/14 lightyears
[6 power/round]
Lateral Sensors: +1/1 lightyear
[4 power/round]
Navigational Sensors: +2
[5 power/round]
Sensors Skill: 4
Weapons Systems
Spiral-Wave Disruptor:
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All (720 degrees)
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 12
Power: [12]
Disruptor Wave Cannon:
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: Full aft (540 degrees)
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 16
Power: [16]
Type II Photon Torpedoes
Number: 300
Launchers: 1 ad, 1 fv
Spread: 8
Arc: Forward or aft, but are self-guided
Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,500,000
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: [5]
Weapons Skill: 5
Defensive Systems
Cardassian Deflector Field
Protection: 44/60
Power: [42]

Description and Notes
The Kavlar-class Cruiser was once a workhorse of the Cardassian fleet. It is still commonly encountered in the heart of the Cardassian Union, but is not usually seen on the front lines, having been supplanted by more powerful ships built in the aftermath of the Cardassian-Dominion alliance.

The Guran’tal was thought lost by the Cardassians during a skirmish with a Bajoran resistance group during the final days of the Occupation. In reality, its self-destruct system failed, and it was captured intact. Amazed by their incredible luck, the Bajorans killed all of the Cardassian survivors and smuggled the vessel to their base in an isolated and uninhabited star system.

There it remained for several years, as first the cell members and later Bajoran Militia engineers worked to forge it into a weapon to use against their oppressors. They rushed to get it into service before the end of the Cardassian/Dominion conflict, but were unsuccessful.

A few months after hostilities ended, the renamed and completely refurbished Hammer of the Prophets warped out of the secluded system on its shake-down cruise. It remains a secret weapon hidden from both the Cardassians and the Federation. The Hammer of the Prophets Campaign

The Hammer of the Prophets is an excellent platform for a Bajoran campaign set in the post-Deep Space 9 era. It is capable of taking on a wide variety of missions, and can hold its own against hostile forces.

Life aboard the Hammer is hard. Accommodations are spartan, and shore leave nearly non-existent. The crew itself is made up of Bajorans who dwell in the black shadows of secrecy at all times. “Hammers” are members of a small, tight-knit and silent fraternity—even service records do not record their duties aboard the ship that once served their enemies.

Here are a couple missions the Hammer might undertake:
  • A strange anomaly has been detected in space a couple of lightyears from Bajor. The Hammer is dispatched to investigate. The anomaly might be a simple astrological curiosity, a temporal rift in the time-space continuum, or the manifestation of an alien presence.
  • A long-dormant resistance cell has started to pirate trade ships to fund its war against the Cardassian Union, which labors to rebuild its shattered economy. Embarrassed, the Bajoran Navy orders the Hammer to take out the cell’s two starships; because the Hammer doesn’t officially exist, Bajor hopes to rid itself of the cell without enraging hardliners
  • A dramatic turning-point in a Hammer campaign would center around the first action in which the Hammer’s existence is revealed—the military and political fallout which follows might lead to all sorts of interesting adventures. An interesing possiblity is that the government promises to return the ship to the Cardassians: if the captain refuses to obey, what do the characters do?

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