Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Pocketful of Whimsy

Another little collection of websites I enjoy visiting, many of which have RPG utility:
  • Shorpy. A huge collection of high-res photos from the 20th century, many from the earlier decades. Because the images are so high-res, you can really zoom in and get a real sense of the world the photographer was capturing. An excellent resource for Call of Cthulhu players and Keepers.
  • This is the Hand Drawn Map Association. The title says it all, really. Takes me back to the many maps I created in my younger years, with pencil, Ultraflair, watercolors and colored pencils. It was a big day when blue highlighters were introduced: At last, a coloration technique for water that didn't obscure labels or wrinkle the paper!
  • The Map Realm. This guy goes one up on everyone else: he creates an imaginary island nation, and proceeds to design elaborate contemporary road maps for every inch.
  • Lines and Colors. Lovers of art, both beautiful and fantastical, go here. Try Eyvind Earle on for size (one of his paintings graces this post).
  • Grandma's Graphics. Unique clipart from vintage storybooks. Some good ideas in here.
  • Set Decorators Society of America . Ever wonder who populates all of those sets in movies? No? Well, want to see what 24's Cloe keeps in her drawers?  The society has a full color magazine filled with articles on the subject, available as free pdf downloads. I know, you're still stuck on Cloe's drawers, aren't you?
  • Disturbing Auctions . One of the hidden gems of teh internets. Revel in the strangeness of your fellow human beings! See the pregnant keychains, killer clowns, and hairy purses people attempted to sell on eBay! Disturbing Auctions has not been updated for some time, sadly.

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