Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Javartan Ogre Warrior

Because ogres play such a prominent role in the Javarta campaign, I created a character race to suit the more martial members of their kind, for use as PCs or NPCs. The following class is based largely on the Barbarian class created by Michael Curtis in his excellent article "New Classes and Racial Variants for Basic Dungeons & Dragons" (very helpful reading if you wish to tinker with new races and classes), but has a few new bits as well. This is written up in Swords and Wizardry format, but should be equally applicable to most flavors of D&D0e. I'll detail the culture more in a future post.

Javartan Ogre Warrior
Hit Die Type: 1d10 per level. After reaching 9 hit dice, the ogre warrior gains only 3 hit points per level
Armor/Shield Permitted: Any but metal
Weapons Permitted: Any
Prime Attribute (5% xp bonus): Strength 13+

Standing at a mere seven feet, Javartan ogres are much smaller than their northern cousins, as well as more intelligent. While most ogres are farmers who can fight defensively using polearm or knife, the larger tribes boast a complement of fighters trained in the arts of war. These ogre warriors protect the tribe and its headman, lead hunting parties, and fight when called upon. When displaced by tribal conflict or seized by wanderlust, some drift into the colonies in search of work.

Due to their training and great bulk, ogre warriors do double their normal damage with their main attack when they elect to charge into melee (this only applies to the first attack, and they cannot do this if surprised). They can use any weapon and both attack and save as fighters of equal level.

Like most ogres of their culture, ogre warriors regard wearing metal armor as unnatural—bordering on unholy—and will go defenseless rather than desecrate themselves by donning it (they do not care if others wear it, however). They may use non-metal shields, and indeed, many carry small rattan bucklers with a large hook set in its face, that, in the hands of an ogre warrior, can sometimes snare an attacker's weapon.

Ogres regard magical items known to their culture—weapons, armor, potions and jewelry—as useful tools, but will have nothing to do with other sorts of magical items (even those usable by fighters), including scrolls. Even civilized ogres are rather provincial in this regard.

Reaching 9th level: When an ogre warrior reaches level 9, he becomes a headman and attracts 5d10 loyal ogre warriors of 1st and 2nd level due to his renown. These followers never need check morale as long as the character is present, and fight to the death in his service. Losses to these numbers of loyal followers are not replaced.
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143,750 experience points per level for each additional level beyond the 12th.

Ogre Rattan Buckler: As standard shield, but on a natural 20 attack roll, the hook in the face catches the attacker’s weapon or appendage; the attacker loses the first (usually only) attack on the next round. This benefit may not apply against all foes (DM’s call).

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