Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Make Your Players Beg You For Cursed Items

As we work through the various types of cursed items in our Curses series of articles, our focus is on providing possible histories and contexts for such items that make their existence in your campaign possible. How’s this for a challenge: Make up a legend for a cursed item so compelling your players will be clamoring to own it. 

Can it be done? Let’s give it a whirl…
The Dragon’s Eye 
The wicked dirk, known as the Dragon’s Eye due to the orb atop its hilt, was once the most feared sight among the influential elements of Rhire and surrounding kingdoms. It was always discovered in the same place—buried in the heart of a diplomat, noble, or high priest. And always, it vanished almost immediately, no one knew how or where.
Naturally, precautions were taken to thwart the mysterious assassin who stalked the rich and famous. Both the high and the low were searched for weapons before being admitted into manse or carriage, and enchantments alike prevented anyone smuggling in magic items without an alert going forth to the master of the property.
But the death count mounted, and still the Dragon’s Eye taunted those charged with security from the corpses of it victims.
This item—it may not be a dagger—has appeared in every edition of DnD since the dawn of the game. Its powers are consistent with what is described above in several editions. Can you guess what it is?

Market it right, and you too can have your players demanding to own a simple -1 cursed sword (dagger).


  1. I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your entire series on cursed items, this is a great read.

  2. Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.