Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yet Another Pocket of Whimsy

Five more eclectic links to wile away the Sunday hours.

The Walled Cities: Keeping Out The Joneses: A collection of ancient walled cities that are still inhabited. A great leaping off point for additional research and photos if you'd like to develop your own.
Wilderlands: Imperial Town of Tell Qa: A ready-to-play imperial town designed and approved for use with Castles & Crusade. On sale for $1.98 for… not much longer!
The Nostromo Restoration Project: Remember that great, greeblie-festooned spaceship from Alien? Well, the model got left out in the rain for a decade or two, and now a dedicated team of model builders is restoring it inch-by-inch. Follow along on Youtube as they go, and watch interviews with the original builders. A diverting hour or so if you, like me, love the old school space opera starship designs.
The Dirdy Birdy: I'd guess this is about how quite a few courtships don't happen...
A Survey of Fake Asian Harry Potter Novels: These aren't just illegal translations of real novels; they're fanfic passed off as the real thing! (Plus a non-scary look at a Japanese HP dojinshi, or fan manga; and yes, there are plenty of scary ones out there.)

Things have slowed down a bit with the summer months here at Tales of the Ink Knight, but more anon!

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