Monday, February 22, 2010

Mapping Javarta

In fits and starts the Javarta campaign lumbers into motion once more... This weekend I began the process of transforming thumbnail sketches and mental notes into a map of the campaign area.

I used an outstanding Photoshop tutorial created by Tear over at the Cartographer's Guild to guide my mapmaking. My goal was to capture the look and feel of southeast Asia, and create a setting consisting of numerous archipelagos and imposing interior highlands the PCs can romp around in (and get romped on in). The map isn't finished; vegetation, rivers and labels await.

This detail shows less than 10% of the map, and represents, in terms of real-world analog, a compressed combination of the lower Cambodia/Thailand peninsula, and the Indonesian islands. (Scale is 50 miles per hex.) Speaking of hexes, the hexgrid came from a website that designed the grid to my specs, and generated a pdf complete with alpha channel so I could dump it into Photoshop with no muss or fuss. I love the internets!

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